1.5 oz. Mean Green Pepper Spray Streamer
January 11, 2013
42GR 3oz lock-on grenade
3 oz. Lock-on Pepper Spray Grenade
January 11, 2013
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1.5 oz. Mean Green Pepper Spray Fogger

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Filled-Assem USA white

“MEAN GREEN” Pepper Spray

  • Searing 3,000,000 SHU formula at 6% concentration
  • Provides 180,000 SHU out the nozzle and 1.2% total capsaicinoids
    Fast acting formula
  • Non-flammable and safe to use with Tasers or other stun devices
  • Bright green dye to mark the offender for easy identification by police or sheriff officers
  • Dye is a vegetable-base and safe for human use
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